Hello again,

Just thinking about the different kinds of things to do and the kinds of things I should do, more specifically on the internet. I recently graduated college and I have yet to find employment. WordPress was still marked as ‘Most Visted’ so I checked it out.  It   was kinda fun reading my previous posts, something I’ve never really done before.

Anyway, my fiance bought me my first computer chair! So now I’m trying to work on my posture as well as applying for more jobs! Hopefully now that  I have better work space, I will want to be doing things on the internet. I’m still trying to get my own grasp of the internet and I’m working on it, or attempting to.




About ladykoon

I wanted to start blogging because of the million mindless ideas that are always running around in my brain. I want to train them and use them to become better expressed and actually organize something for once. I've always hated reading, so I like to keep words visual and meaningful - I'm also somewhat insecure about my writings (because of lack of practice). Since starting college, the 'main english' instructor at my school did a really good job teaching me how to choke down the english language. Although he is not my favorite teacher, I have a lot of respect for him (and not just because I'm scared lol). Here I want to document whatever and see where this will take me. I am already having fun with this and I wanna know how far this will take me (or at least document it). Erika

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