Reasons behind ENG Designs!

Reasons why I want to, one day, start my own clothing store:

-Sewing- I learned how to sew from my Mom and my Grandma (on my dad’s side). Sewing opened a lot of doors for my creativity, and it is something I wish I could do more often.

-Fashion- Eventually, I grew an interest as to why certain people dress themselves. I started experimenting with my own wardrobe as a young teen and I developed my taste buds for fashion. Sewing started out as alterations to a loose t-shirt and then I started sewing dresses to wear at Sadie Hawkins and Prom.

-Self-Expression- Our clothing says a lot about us in a first impression. Being able to wear and ‘show-off’ my creations made me feel good. Besides special occasions, everyday felt like dress up. I like picking out and putting on my clothes everyday. My trends were and still are changing continuously over time. Growing up has refined my style to what it is today, and I never forget to express myself in my outfit. I’m sure that many others have realized this at some point in their life (If not, you might be a male).

-Creativity- I’ve always been a visual and hands-on learner. I love creating new things or implementing nifty ideas. Picking out a pleasant color scheme or putting bright colors together; colors are half the fun. I also enjoy putting colors against either black or white (or a bit of both). In my outfits, I like coordinating the colors of each item (tops, shoes, accessories, belts, gauges, hair piece, etc.). Recently, I’ve been taking advantage of my creativity since attending a business college. (The last thing I want to become is a ‘paper cut-out’ business person.)

-College- I am currently attending college to get my degree in accounting. And believe me, I did not see myself going to school for accounting. It was mostly a ‘last-minute’ decision switching over from medical assistant (which is nothing like me either, but I needed more help managing my money). For one class, the whole term was dedicated to creating a ‘business’ from start to finish (it was very, very hard).  Regardless, I have learned quite a lot and I am very happy with the way things are turning out.

I’m going to keep working away at my website so I can have something feasible. Then at least I can show it off, get the word out, and get a good start once it becomes reality.  None-the-less, it is fun!

Thanks for reading!



About ladykoon

I wanted to start blogging because of the million mindless ideas that are always running around in my brain. I want to train them and use them to become better expressed and actually organize something for once. I've always hated reading, so I like to keep words visual and meaningful - I'm also somewhat insecure about my writings (because of lack of practice). Since starting college, the 'main english' instructor at my school did a really good job teaching me how to choke down the english language. Although he is not my favorite teacher, I have a lot of respect for him (and not just because I'm scared lol). Here I want to document whatever and see where this will take me. I am already having fun with this and I wanna know how far this will take me (or at least document it). Erika

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