Okay, I starting to understand, yet..

So I’m starting to understand the point of having a blog and I’m definitely liking my ideas. 😀

I even went through the drills that wordpress provides to brainstorm better blog ideas or reasons. I thought it was really helpful because it connected the dots to what I wanted to get out and why I wanted to get it out. I’m still not completely sure where to start, but it’s definitely made some progress! This account seems like a ‘trial’ for me because it was created as a class assignment. (Our accounts’s were temporarily banned due to large number of accounts posting from the same IP address). I do not know if I want to create a new account if this becomes more established, or just continue to build blogs and keep as a written memory. Words can mean nothing, or they can make a big impact; none-the-less they are powerful. I just want to get better at it.

Thank you for reading,



About ladykoon

I wanted to start blogging because of the million mindless ideas that are always running around in my brain. I want to train them and use them to become better expressed and actually organize something for once. I've always hated reading, so I like to keep words visual and meaningful - I'm also somewhat insecure about my writings (because of lack of practice). Since starting college, the 'main english' instructor at my school did a really good job teaching me how to choke down the english language. Although he is not my favorite teacher, I have a lot of respect for him (and not just because I'm scared lol). Here I want to document whatever and see where this will take me. I am already having fun with this and I wanna know how far this will take me (or at least document it). Erika

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