Hello again,

Just thinking about the different kinds of things to do and the kinds of things I should do, more specifically on the internet. I recently graduated college and I have yet to find employment. WordPress was still marked as ‘Most Visted’ so I checked it out.  It   was kinda fun reading my previous posts, something I’ve never really done before.

Anyway, my fiance bought me my first computer chair! So now I’m trying to work on my posture as well as applying for more jobs! Hopefully now that  I have better work space, I will want to be doing things on the internet. I’m still trying to get my own grasp of the internet and I’m working on it, or attempting to.




Reasons behind ENG Designs!

Reasons why I want to, one day, start my own clothing store:

-Sewing- I learned how to sew from my Mom and my Grandma (on my dad’s side). Sewing opened a lot of doors for my creativity, and it is something I wish I could do more often.

-Fashion- Eventually, I grew an interest as to why certain people dress themselves. I started experimenting with my own wardrobe as a young teen and I developed my taste buds for fashion. Sewing started out as alterations to a loose t-shirt and then I started sewing dresses to wear at Sadie Hawkins and Prom.

-Self-Expression- Our clothing says a lot about us in a first impression. Being able to wear and ‘show-off’ my creations made me feel good. Besides special occasions, everyday felt like dress up. I like picking out and putting on my clothes everyday. My trends were and still are changing continuously over time. Growing up has refined my style to what it is today, and I never forget to express myself in my outfit. I’m sure that many others have realized this at some point in their life (If not, you might be a male).

-Creativity- I’ve always been a visual and hands-on learner. I love creating new things or implementing nifty ideas. Picking out a pleasant color scheme or putting bright colors together; colors are half the fun. I also enjoy putting colors against either black or white (or a bit of both). In my outfits, I like coordinating the colors of each item (tops, shoes, accessories, belts, gauges, hair piece, etc.). Recently, I’ve been taking advantage of my creativity since attending a business college. (The last thing I want to become is a ‘paper cut-out’ business person.)

-College- I am currently attending college to get my degree in accounting. And believe me, I did not see myself going to school for accounting. It was mostly a ‘last-minute’ decision switching over from medical assistant (which is nothing like me either, but I needed more help managing my money). For one class, the whole term was dedicated to creating a ‘business’ from start to finish (it was very, very hard).  Regardless, I have learned quite a lot and I am very happy with the way things are turning out.

I’m going to keep working away at my website so I can have something feasible. Then at least I can show it off, get the word out, and get a good start once it becomes reality.  None-the-less, it is fun!

Thanks for reading!


Okay, I starting to understand, yet..

So I’m starting to understand the point of having a blog and I’m definitely liking my ideas. 😀

I even went through the drills that wordpress provides to brainstorm better blog ideas or reasons. I thought it was really helpful because it connected the dots to what I wanted to get out and why I wanted to get it out. I’m still not completely sure where to start, but it’s definitely made some progress! This account seems like a ‘trial’ for me because it was created as a class assignment. (Our accounts’s were temporarily banned due to large number of accounts posting from the same IP address). I do not know if I want to create a new account if this becomes more established, or just continue to build blogs and keep as a written memory. Words can mean nothing, or they can make a big impact; none-the-less they are powerful. I just want to get better at it.

Thank you for reading,


DeviantART Muro

So I installed an app on my google chrome called DeviantART Muro.

I read the page and reviews etc. and it sounded really simple to use – it is!

This was my first creation on this app, and I absolutely love the features on it.

First DeviantART muro creation!

Let me know what you think! Hopefully there will be more to come! This is a really great program and I’m glad I finally found something so user-friendly! This is something you can’t quite achieve with just a pencil and paper.

Thanks for reading,


New additions to ENG Designs Website

A much larger selection of clothing has been added to my website!  Not all of them are priced yet but all of the requirements for the project have been met (only once this post is made)

Come check out the new selection!




Thanks Again!




Working on my ‘business’ website project

So, the more and more I continue to work on my project in html class, the more and more I want to actually sell my promoted products. If only I could make it possible

Please visit my site and give me some feedback:

Thank you,


He who must be obeyed

Mr. Peters

Do Not make a mistake in HTML!

Look! Text!

Look! Picture!

Furry Internetz

Yay! a Video!

Woot! a Post!

Bye bye!! ^-^

Starting Stuffs

Not sure what to post, but I shall anyway.  Here a few things I want to accomplish:

1. Informative speech on Anthropomorphism

2. Draw Anthro Fox and Rakoon

3. Draw Sam’s ego

4. Homework for Statistics

5. Buy a Keyboard

6. Apply at Applebee’s

7. Update music library


We’ll see how far this goes 😀